Coronavirus COVID-19 – Operational in compliance with government regulations

We inform our customers that we operate in compliance with the regulations and provisions issued by the Italian government.

The situation will be periodically updated.

Update 03/03/2021

  • Shipping warehouse: normal warehouse operation.
  • Couriers: stable situation, there are some delays. In case of delays check the automatically sent tracking e-mail and contact directly the courier. If you didn’t receive the shipping notice with tracking contact us for it and for information on the delivery.
  • Supply chain: for most of the items normally managed in the warehouse we don’t have significant problems for the moment, however there are some delays in productions. We recommend purchasing planning with advance and to place scheduled orders by agreeing with our sales representatives a delivery schedule so to be able dealing with any unforeseen events.
  • Technicians visits on customers sites: suspended the normal operation of our technicians, they are always available in remote working. On demand we can do on site service within the limits imposed by the Government. We recommend limiting on-site visit requests to situations of real need.
  • Visits to our offices and warehouse: our offices and warehouse are open. Access is subject to the use of PPE and in compliance with safety directives. However, we invite customers to limit visits to our offices as much as possible, favoring the use of couriers and remote communication channels: telephone, e-mail Whatsapp +39051735744
  • Remote Working: the communication channels and normal office functions are operational both on site and remotely. In any case, during eventual “lockdown” we are able to guarantee the full operation of the offices. You can contact us by phone, we recommend if possible to privilege the e-mail channel and  Whatsapp +39051735744

We invite everyone to use the available remote communication channels that are constantly monitored by our employees: Telephone – E-mail – WhatsApp +39051735744

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