TECNIMETAL S.r.l. is an organization that since 1981 distributes and provides technical support relating to products, tools, equipment and technical fasteners for the optimization and solution of problems in the industrial processes of deburring, finishing, roll burnishing, CNC marking, automation, assembly.

Industrial sectors to which Tecnimetal addresses:
precision mechanical machining, automotive, motorsport, railway, marine, aerospace, defense, medical, hydraulics & pneumatics, telecommunications, agriculture, packaging, food, automation, energy, environment.

What we do


Tools for deburring, finishing, roll burnishing, CNC marking, etc in the machining processes.
Automation & Robotic: spindles and motors. Tools and products for the deburring, finishing and machining processes.
Technical Fasteners for aerospace, motorsport, automotive, defence, hydraulics & pneumatics, railway, marine.


We find the right solution for production and machining.

Technical Assistance

Precise and punctual technical assistance for the solution of production problems.

About Tecnimetal

Our action is not limited to the simple distribution of products, but works to find the right solution to production problems and mechanical processing with particular attention and experience as regards deburring, finishing and fasteners.
Market research work is constantly carried out, in Italy and abroad, in order to be always in step with technological evolution and rapid changes in market needs so as to be able to offer customers increasingly performing solutions with innovative products of high quality


The constant Research and Development activity allows us to study and supply tools and customized solutions for customized applications on customer request.

“Real progress happens only when advantages of a new technology become available to everybody.”
Henry Ford

Contact us

Via degli Andreani, 9 40037 Sasso Marconi (BO) ITALY