TECNIMETAL has always based its working philosophy on two main pillars: the highest quality of the offered products and services and the satisfaction of individual customer needs, seeking customized solutions. Keeping always in mind these 2 fundamental prnciples, Tecnimetal is committed every day to offering products and services that are increasingly effective, efficient, at competitive prices, without ever losing sight of scientific-technological research and development which are transformed into truly advantageous solutions for the customer.

Since 1999 Tecnimetal has been operating in every business area according to the Quality Assurance System compliant with UNI EN ISO 9001, establishing assignments, responsibilities and dedicating to the System the resources necessary for its application. 

Not only that, Tecnimetal is committed to ensuring that “QUALITY” is not just an execution of usual procedures but takes on the meaning of continuous improvement for anyone participating in the activities, whether they are internal collaborators, suppliers and customers.

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