For deburring, finishing, super-finishing, CNC marking, machining, fasteners, technical items and equipments.

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Flexible Honing Deburring Tool

Brush Research MFG

CNC & Robot Brushes, Micro Brushes, Indutrial Brushes


Roller Burnishing tools for Internal External Surfaces

Kato Advanex Tangless

Tangless Helical Screw Thread Inserts

Mannesman Demag

Pneumatic hand Tools, Spindles, Motors, Hammers

Michigan Deburring Tool

High performance blade deburring tools. Diameter range 1.4-25.4mm

GMO Micro deburring CNC

Deburring and Microdeburring from d.0.8mm

Steiner Technologies

Automatic BackFacing tools


Axial Thread Rolling Heads and Rolls

TOP SPIN Gal-way

TOP SPIN Gal-way

High Speed hydraulic through the spindle coolant activated
50.000 rpm

AKS Teknik

Automate CNC Marking and Deburring Process

Gravostar Engraflexx

Automate CNC Marking and Deburring Process

MPC Automation Systems

Grippex Barpullers d.0-105mm


Carbide rotary burrs and mills


Cotton FIber Abrasives for Stainless Steel, Titanium, Inconel, Composites, Exotic materials

Sealing Locking nut

Flanged Nuts
class 8 (28-32Hrc)


Expansion Metal Plugs and Restrictors

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