Axial Thread Rolling Heads and Rolls

ALCO Thread Rolling
Tools for thread rolling
Axial rolling heads, tangential rolling heads
Thread rolling dies

Alco Filettatura a rullare

Very fast processing time 30-90 m/min


Increased wear and corrosion resistance


Improved smoothness and less abrasion of parts


Superior tensile strength characteristics compared to threads made by chip removal


Better finish and higher surface hardness


High precision of the profile

Due to the increasing need to rationalize and improve production methods, the thread rolling process has become essential in any modern production facility that wants to operate efficiently. Thread rolling is a cold deformation method in which the material is stressed beyond its elastic limit, thus remaining deformed. During the rolling process, the metal fibers are displaced, but not cut as in the case of thread cutting. In the rolling process, the material is made to flow in an axial direction. In the rolling head, two, three, or more rollers are inclined at an angle corresponding to the spiral angle of the thread to be produced.

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