Specifications HC Sealing Locking Nuts


Maximum working pressure over 450BAR/6500PSI.

Metric sizes from 3 to 22mm, in inches or special on request.

Corrosion resistant.

Passivated 400 series stainless steel body.

Ball in bearing steel or 400 series stainless steel.

Available with aluminum body on request.

Available in AISI 316 or other materials.

E (Easy Install) models on request, with low installation pressure for max 450BAR/6500PSI working pressure, ideal for applications where the normal installation pressure of the ball could cause unwanted deformations to the part.

Tested: each batch is tested to exceed the maximum static pressure before explosion or extrusion.

Certificates of dimensional conformity, seal tests and materials available on request.

Work tests can be made on specific customer requests with cycles of different pressures and temperatures to simulate the specific working conditions of the customer’s application.