The Nampower Abrasive Brush Advantage
Nampower products are powerful, reliable brushing tools that deliver a total finishing solution to a range of industries and applications. These high-performance commercial brushes are made of the highest-quality materials and are ideal for manual and automated finishing machinery. For a complete deburring and finishing solution, Nampower abrasive disc brushes, composite wheels, or hex drive brushes are THE choice.

The Premium Standard – Premium Products Using Premium Materials
Brush Research is proud to offer some of the finest abrasive brushes on the market today. What makes them premium? Brush construction and raw materials. Our disc brushes are composed of flexible abrasive nylon filaments bonded to a fiber reinforced thermoplastic base. Nampower disc brushes contain a unique combination of both ceramic and silicon carbide abrasive that produce maximum burr removal rates and provides an optimum surface finish at the same time.