FLEX-HONE – BRM Brush Research MFG

Flex-Hone – Flexible Honing Deburring Tool

Brush Research MFG
CNC & Robot Brushes, Micro Brushes, Industrial Brushes


Flex Hone
Flexible Sander

Deburring, Radiusing, Finishing, Superfinishing, Roughness Correction

Brush Research MFG
Brushes, microbrushes

steel, stainless steel, brass, nylon, abrasive nylon, natural bristle, tampico,

NAMPOWER front brushes – brushes for the maintenance and overhaul of diesel engines

For firearms

Successfully used by manufacturers, gunsmiths, and hobbyists, these tools allow for improving the characteristics of firearms. Models for chambers, dies, barrels, etc..

levigatura finitura sbavatura cnc in macchina
Flex hone Spazzole frontali sbavatura finitura cnc in macchina

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