Flex-Hone choice: Size, Abrasive, Grit

The choice of Flex-Hone diameter is determined by the diameter of the hole to be worked. The Flex-Hone is produced and used in oversized conditions compared to the diameter of the hole being worked on, which generates the right cutting pressure for processing.  For example, to work on a 22mm hole, the BC7/8”(22mm) should be chosen, which has an actual diameter of 25mm (oversized). If the hole to be worked does not coincide with one of the standard Flex-Hone sizes because it falls between two of them, the larger one should be chosen. For instance, if the hole to be worked is 23mm, falling between BC7/8”(22mm) and BC15/16”(23.8mm), BC15/16”(23.8mm) should be chosen.

Ask our technicians for the right advice for your specific application; they will guide you to choose the right Flex-Hone to achieve the desired result. For a proper recommendation regarding size, abrasive, and grit to use, it is necessary to have various pieces of information:
• Hole diameter to be worked on
• Type of parts to be worked on
• Issue to be addressed with the Flex-Hone (deburring, finishing, superfinishing, etc.)
• Material (indicate if hardened or with surface treatment, preferably provide hardness information)
• Starting roughness (preferably in Ra) or the last machining operation performed (drilling, boring, reaming, etc.)
• Desired or required final roughness
• Quantity of pieces to be worked on
• Whether or not it is possible to use a lubricant (cutting oil or coolant emulsion)
• Whether it will be used manually, on a column drill, or on a machine (lathe, machining center, grinder, etc.)

The 3 pieces of information, usually sufficient in most cases to determine the choice:

  • Working diameter
  • Material to be worked on and its condition IF hardened: approximate indication of hardness IF treated: type of treatment and approximate indication of surface hardness (anodization, NiTemper, etc.)
  • IF Finishing: Target value in Ra or Rt or RZ to achieve, and starting value, i.e., the current state IF Deburring: Any value of Ra or Rt or Rz not to be altered or exceeded