Special Flex-Hone

Flex-Hone is produced in a wide variety of sizes, grits, and abrasives. However, it can be supplied in special configurations to address processing challenges that cannot be resolved with the standard range. Custom configurations can be requested by choosing:

Customized actual diameter
• Length of abrasive part and stem
• Protective coating on the stem
• Stem diameter
• Tubed stem
• Threaded attachment
• Flex-Hone with two or more diameters
• Combination of Flex-Hone + brush
• Conical Flex-Hone
• Semi-spherical Flex-Hone
• Twisted or front-protruding stem
• Distinctive color-coding on the stem
• Sizes of abrasive globules
• Section of suspension wires
• Flex-Hone on PVC drum
• Loose globules with nylon thread for mounting on a self-made support.

The possibilities are numerous; consult us. Our technicians are always available to find new configurations that lend themselves to solving your issues.