Usage instructions

Always ensure that the magazine and chamber are empty before using the Flex-Hone.

Disassemble the firearm and mount the Flex-Hone on the chuck of a hand drill, a column drill, or a lathe. It is better to use the shortest stem possible compatible with your application.
Always use the Flex-Hone with a high-quality cutting oil or honing fluid to keep heat to a minimum and prevent clogging. We offer an oil specifically formulated for use with the Flex-Hone. However, many lubricants are satisfactory, including water-soluble cutting fluids. We recommend using “Flex-Hone Oil” for a better surface finish and long Flex-Hone life.

Rotate the Flex-Hone before it enters the bore and continue rotating it until it exits the hole being worked on. Advance the Flex-Hone gently at a steady speed. Clean the cylinder using an appropriate cleaner and a cleaning brush. Dry the cylinder and continue wiping it with a lint-free cloth soaked in oil. Continue until the cloth remains clean. Lightly lubricate the surface after cleaning to preserve it.