SAME threading and hole preparation as traditional inserts with a tang driver.
SAME functionality as traditional inserts, they are COMPATIBLE & REPLACEABLE

Tangless threaded inserts without a tang driver are available as standard in AISI304 stainless steel (AS7245, 18-10 stainless steel), cold-rolled to achieve a tensile strength of 1400 N/mm2 (200,000 psi) and a surface hardness of 43-50 HRc.

Cold rolling allows for a superior quality thread with a very high surface finish, extending the life of the assembly by reducing thread wear due to friction and the effects of galvanic corrosion. Standard Tangless inserts in AISI304 are suitable for use in temperatures ranging from -195.6°C to +426.7°C (-320°F to +800°F).

They are also available with Dry-Lube, Cadmium, or Silver plating. Once installed, they form a 4H-5H or 2B-3B class thread capable of accommodating M, MJ, UN, UNJ screws.  Available in Metric, UNC, UNF sizes, in Free Running or Locking versions, and in Coils for automated applications.