Prevents loosening of standard nuts or bolts caused by strong vibrations. When LockOne is tightened against the nut, it prevents loosening. Installs with standard wrenches.

Easy to remove – Reusable – Corrosion-resistant

Replaces: cotter pins, brake cables, adhesive compounds, double nuts, lock nuts, crown nuts, serrated nuts or washers, and other types of locking fasteners.

Ideal for a wide range of applications in industrial, railway, transportation, construction, aerospace, energy, etc.


The LockOne fastening elements have undergone accelerated vibration testing with 30,000 cycles in accordance with NAS3350 regulations (National Aerospace Specification for impact-type vibration testing). After 180,000 cycles, the assembly to which LockOne was applied remained securely fastened. LockOne can be easily applied to components already in use. It is reusable and does not degrade with each loosening cycle.


Designing for the use of LockOne couldn’t be easier; simply consider an extra length of three threads in the bolt. Its compact nature makes it ideal for projects with weight restrictions and maintenance programs. When using any fastening element with a degradable locking function, such as a compound or a nylon element embedded in the nut, replacement is necessary during maintenance interventions, as these systems are either single-use or have degraded locking features in subsequent uses after the first. With LockOne, the locking function does not degrade and can be removed and reused. LockOne is quick and easy to install—no compound to apply; a standard 12-point hex socket wrench is all that’s needed to simultaneously install LockOne and the nut.



LockOne is designed for challenging environments without the use of hazardous chemical coatings. Made from AISI 304 WPB stainless steel, LockOne is naturally corrosion-resistant.

Code Thread S mm H mm W mm T mm Weight gr
KLOC-M4 M4x0.7 7 1.4 0.50 0.35 0.24gr
KLOC -M5 M5x0.8 8 1.6 0.60 0.40 0.24gr
KLOC -M6 M6x1 10 2.0 0.70 0.50 0.45gr
KLOC -M8 M8x1.25 13 2.5 0.88 0.63 0.95gr
KLOC -M10 M10x1.5 17 3.0 1.05 0.75 1.79gr
KLOC -M12 M12x1.75 19 3.5 1.23 0.88 2.83gr
KLOC -M16 M16x2 24 4.0 1.40 1.00 4.78gr
KLOC -M20 M20x2.5 30 5.0 1.75 1.25 9.39gr
KLOC -M22 M22x2.5 32 5.0 1.75 1.25 10.12gr
KLOC -M24 M24x3 36 6.0 2.10 1.50 16.21gr
KLOC -C4 UNC 1⁄4-20 0.48” 0.11” 0.03” 0.03” 0.80gr
KLOC -C5 UNC 5/16-18 0.50” 0.11” 0.03” 0.03” 0.80gr
KLOC -C6 UNC 3/8-16 0.55” 0.13” 0.04” 0.03” 1.30gr
KLOC -C7 UNC 7/16-14 0.71” 0.14” 0.05” 0.03” 2.31gr
KLOC -C8 UNC 1⁄2-13 0.75” 0.16” 0.05” 0.04” 3.00gr
KLOC -C10 UNC 5/8-11 0.93” 0.18” 0.06” 0.04” 4.48gr
KLOC -C12 UNC 3⁄4-10 1.12” 0.22” 0.07” 0.05” 9.40gr
KLOC -C14 UNC 7/8-9 1.30” 0.22” 0.07” 0.05” 10.10gr
KLOC -C16 UNC 1-8 1.49” 0.28” 0.08” 0.06” 16.25gr



*M4 upon request **UNC sizes upon request



LockOne can be used in a wide range of applications and has proven high performance.

Railway Sector: sleeper attachments, rail joints (LockOne is under comparative study by the Japanese Railway Technical Research Institute).


Energy: supports for solar panels.

Roads: bridge and tunnel joints, installation of fiber optic cables (LockOne is authorized and approved by the Japanese NEXCO – Nippon Expressway Research Institute).

LockOne is approved and used by many organizations, including the Tokyo Metro, Toyoda, and Japanese Railways.