AISI304 (Inox 18-10)

Standard material
It meets most of the required characteristics for tensile strength, corrosion resistance, and operating temperature.
Following the cold-rolling process, the material becomes slightly magnetic.
Operating Temperature: -195,6°C a +426,7°C
(-320°F – +800°F)
Tensile strenght: 1400N/mm2 (200.000 psi)
Hardness: 43-50 Hrc
Magnetic Permeability: 2-10 G/O
Material specification: AS7245, NASM8846 and alloy UNS S30400


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Designed to eliminate seizing and subsequent wear resulting from the use of stainless steel screws on stainless steel inserts. Inserts made of this material do not require anti-seize treatments or surface coatings, making them ideal for use under vacuum conditions as there is no “outgassing.” Additionally, they do not have the temperature limitations associated with surface treatments, such as cadmium or dry-lube.
Max operating temperature: +260°C (+500°F)
Tensile strength: 1400N/mm2 (200.000 psi)
Hardness: 43-50 Hrc
Magnetic permeability: <1 G/O
Materiale specification: UNS S21800
(Nitronic 60® is a registered trademark of AK Steel)
Typical applications: aerospace and semiconductor industry.


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Used in applications where strength and reliability are required with high operating temperatures. It has the same tensile strength and hardness as AISI304, with low magnetic permeability.
Max operating temperature: +537°C (+1000°F)
Tensile strength: 1400N/mm2 (200.000 psi)
Hardness: 43-50 Hrc
Magnetic Permeability: <1.0 G/O
Material specification: AS7246
Typical applications: gas turbines, rocket engines, nuclear reactors, high-pressure tanks, various aerospace components subjected to high temperatures.


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Used in applications with extreme temperatures and pressures. Ideal applications include aircraft engines and gas turbines.
Max operating temperature:
+648°C FR inserts / 482°C Locking inserts
+1200°F FR inserts / 900°F Locking inserts
Tensile strength: 1400N/mm2 (200.000 psi)
Material specification: British Standard BS HR 503
(Nimonic 90® is a registered trademark Special Metals Co.)
Typical applications: aircraft parts, gas turbine components, jet engines, exhaust nozzles.


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Ideal for marine applications, it has superior corrosion resistance to AISI304 and Inconel X-750, although it does not have the same tensile strength characteristics. Phosphorus bronze is also used in applications where low magnetic permeability (<1.0 G/O) is required.
Max operating temperature: +300°C (+572°F)
Tensile strength: 965N/mm2 (140.000 psi)
Hardness: 95 HRB
Material specification: AMS7247
Typical applications: naval applications, aeronautical instrumentation, paper and textile manufacturing, automotive systems, mining and drilling industry, pumps and valves, electrical connectors.