The “KATO TANGLESS” threaded inserts are fully equivalent and interchangeable with the “classic” threaded inserts with a tang, requiring no changes in thread preparation (same drilling and tapping parameters). They are commonly used in the aerospace field, having been developed for this type of application. The absence of the tang significantly reduces the risks of damage to the screw threads caused by poorly broken tangs or damage to equipment due to tang detachment during assembly or its loss inside the equipment.

The packages are available in quantities of 1000 or 500 pieces, depending on the size, but can be supplied in smaller quantities by always providing the production batch reference number for full traceability.

The inserts are compliant with the following regulatoins: AS9100B – DFARs – EAR – FAR – ITAR – REACH – RoHS

The inserts have passed external laboratory tests and have been certified compliant with aerospace specifications NASM8846. In addition, they comply with the following military specifications and standards:

* Regulation MS21208 has been surpassed by MS122076 & MS124651, and subsequently surpassed by the NASM122076 & NASM124651.
Special Note: In 1998-1999, the military standard “Military Standard” (MS) for Unified Size threaded fasteners was surpassed by the “National Aerospace Standard” (NAS) with an “M” suffix indicating the previous affiliation with a military standard.